Comprehensive RNA-Seq
Analysis with Partek

  • One-Click Data Streaming
    Stream raw data from Torrent Suite to
    Partek Flow for comprehensive analysis
  • Easy-to-use Graphical Interface
    Perform analysis by pointing and clicking,
    no need for command line codes
  • Step-by-step RNA-Seq Analysis
    Pre-installed analysis pipelines Ion Torrent AmpliSeq, Whole Transcriptome, and
    Small RNA-Seq data lead you from
    alignment to biology
  • Increase productivity, automate your queue
    Pre-schedule multiple tasks, walk away, and receive email alerts upon completion
  • Choice is yours, store and access 
    your data anywhere
    Desktop, server, cluster, and cloud-friendly installation with access from any browser
  • Seamless integration
    Integrates seamlessly with Partek® Genomics Suite™ for fast, desktop analysis and integration of NGS with microarray data
  • One installation, multiple users
    Install Flow at a centralized location of your choice, manage user permissions, and allow remote access to users anywhere
  • We’re your partner
    With access to Partek’s knowledgeable support team, and our on-line and on-site trainings, we support all your analysis needs

Partek® Flow® is designed to handle the broad data management and analysis needs of Ion Torrent™ data. With one-click streaming of sequence data from Torrent Suite™ Software to Partek Flow, it’s the easiest and most comprehensive analysis tool available for Ion Torrent data.

From Raw Data to Biology

  • Pre and post-alignment QA/QC
  • Alignment and quantification
  • Discover coding SNPs
  • Identify differential expression at the gene and transcript level
  • Detect gene fusions
  • Detect novel isoforms

From Ion Torrent Data to Biological
Meaning with Partek Flow

Watch Partek Flow in Action